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team tie

keeping your team together

Event Dashboard

Your Team on TeamTie

Picture This:

Keep the whole team up with notifications & team chat!  

Any team member can upload as many photos as you'd like to your team!

Keep your team safe and secure by setting a passcode.


Create and manage team events, and collect RSVP info from players!

Create and link player profiles to enable the ability to RSVP to games & events!

Never Miss Another Event

RSVP & Event Attendance

No More Uncertainty

TeamTie's RSVP feature makes it easy to keep track of who's coming to each event. With just a few taps, you can confirm your attendance for all to see!


TeamTie Makes Photo Sharing Easy

Closer Look at Photo Uploading and Downloading

Unlimited Uploads

Upload as many photos as you can, with no worries of storage limits.

Organize your photos into events for even easier access.

Unlimited Downloads

Download and save any photo you see, all at FULL QUALITY.

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